Bandwidth overload

It’s been a while, so I suppose you want a preamble of some kind. I don’t really have an excuse for not posting on here because the truth is, I have had the time. I just have chosen not to. That’s ok.

The realization that it’s ok was a hard won internal wrestling match. I’m the type of person to takes on too much, and then get stressed out when I realize that I have done so. Telling myself that it’s ok not to do things is a new concept for me.

See, I like to take on lots of things. I feel sometimes like I can do anything and everything. But I can’t, because I’m simply not superhuman. It’s only something to aspire to. Dreams are dreams, no matter how realistic.

Let’s have a run-down of my current projects in progress, shall we?

1) Screenplays, being co-written with my S/O.

2) Personal writing – Novel

3) Work. My job is technically a 9-5, but I often take it home with me. Why? Because I care about what I do. It really makes the difference between a job you love and a job you hate.

4) Parenting – recently the living arrangements with my daughter changed, and she is now living with me full time. This is a blessing, but also sucks away a lot of personal time. Those hours are so precious nowadays.

5) HIH This is super fun but also a huge time suck.

6) The Reading List. You know there is ALWAYS something on there. Right now, it’s Feed, by Mira Grant. That reminds me, I will be posting some reviews soon on Doc, by Mary Doria Russell, and WWZ, by Max Brooks. Spoilers, both are fantastic and YES I recommend them.

7) SUMMER. I am so excited to just go outside and do hiking again. This past winter has given me awful cabin fever, and I’m planning on several weekend adventures. Would love to go back to Baxter’s Hollow this summer.

Oh, and 8) Blogging again. Obviously.


Phew. I know it’s not a meaty post, but here it is. Now that I’ve done it, I am starting to feel the motivation to continue. I’ll be back with more posts in the near future, guys. Count on it.