A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

— Ronald Dahl

I’m a prominent purveyor of nonsense. Oh yes, that’s me.

Apparently I began this post, oh, a week ago and <forgot><lost interest><overestimated my attention span> suddenly had important other things to do, probably. So I was about to delete it when I realized that if I did so, I would be wasting the dozens of seconds of thought that I initially must have put into it. The above quote by Ronald Dahl and the sentence following it were all that existed when I curiously opened up the draft post NonsenseClearly, I had big plans for this. 

It was a tough decision, requiring even more thoughts, and by that time I felt that I was too fully invested.

“I’m already on a roll,” I thought, as I began this quotation of my thoughts, “Why stop now?”

“I’ll tell you why,” I responded internally. This is becoming a bit of a mess, admittedly. But once I began this internal debate, it was already too late to stop myself. “Because you have no idea what to write.”

But sure I do. I’ll write about nonsense.

<<blank draw, try again>>

Hmmm, I could just write


things as they pop into my head.

That’s what you’re doing right now, lady. You’re having trouble following yourself, how is your readership going to follow this train wreck? Besides, you don’t even have a topic.

Nonsense! See?

Oh for heaven’s sake. That’s not a topic. You don’t even have context. This is a disaster. Look, I’m just going to




right here before this can go any further.

Oh great, now I’m doing it too. 




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