Little Bell’s Challenge

“Get up. Get up, Little Bell, and do it again.”

Little Bell lifted her head from the ground and opened her eyes. The pain that exploded in her temples nearly knocked her out. The Master was still talking, but Bell couldn’t hear it past the ringing in her ears. Her automatic response was to shake her head, and she suppressed it.

Instead she tried to focus. Slowly she pulled the pain inward, siphoning it from her aching head to her chest, where she pushed it down towards her feet and into the ground beneath her. Bell stood and faced the Master.

The Master had a proud smile on her face.

“Again.” She repeated. Little Bell nodded.

Across the sunny field was a large woodpile. Bell looked at it and took a deep breath. She felt deep within herself the spark that was needed and pulled, using all her power to control the searing energy on its way up. Without controlling it properly, it could burn her alive from the inside.

Finally she felt the fire in her throat and expelled it, sending an enormous plume of flame across the field and igniting the piled wood.

“Master! I did it!” Bell exclaimed. She was so excited that she spread her wings and did an exuberant victory lap around the field. When she landed, the Master – teacher of all the young dragons, was beaming at her.

“Good, Little Bell. Again.” She said.


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