Ode to this purple glass bead I found on the sidewalk today.


Today I found a small purple glass bead on the sidewalk. It had no friends, no bead mates, in sight.

Oh little bead, as small as the nail on my pinkie. You caught my eye as the sun created a little purple light-shadow for you. I’m a sucker for shiny things.

I picked you up, rolled you between my fingers, and wondered how you came to be in that spot. You were all alone, a mysterious oddity for one as small as yourself. One would think that you were once part of a large family of glass beads, maybe all purple, maybe of many colors. One would think that the adventure which led you to the sidewalk on which I found you would have included your glass brethren.

I carried you inside, to my workspace.

I have to admit, Beady, that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with you. I felt that throwing you in the garbage would be too crass, too unfeeling of your plight.

But what does one do with a single, purple, glass bead?

I also, admittedly, feel that keeping you would be overly-sentimental of me. After all, you are a mysteriously discarded glass bead with nothing to offer. Please don’t take it personally.

Look, enough of this emotional onslaught, Beady. This sob story won’t endear you to me. Instead, find a way to make yourself useful and you can stay.

I know it’s tough, but you’re not the first to be confronted with overcoming adversity and obstacles. ThinkBeady, think!


Well, I suppose it’s not original, nor is it as brilliant as I was hoping, but it’s keeping you out of the bin…for now…



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