Sneaky? (The Room of Requirement)

So the Daily Prompt today says this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 9.27.26 AM

My answer, which I had to think about for a while, because I was slightly confused by the stipulation that it had to be sneaky, is (sneakily)Yes, and (mysteriously) Yes.

So I’m going to take this prompt to mean I should tell a story which involves being sneaky.

A while back one of my friends rented an apartment, the kind that sits directly on top of a business, in one of those extremely aged downtown buildings.


Haha, not that old, silly. Besides, that place probably has lots of spiders. Ugh, spiders….

More like this:

Old downtown building

Yeah, it had the huge open floor plan and the impossibly high ceilings and the big windows, and the cool, but kind of creepy, shady, barely-held-together metal staircase coming out the backdoor leading to the creepy alleyway in back. I swear, walking (or in my case, crawling carefully) up and down those stairs was like a 10 on the terrifying things to do scale. Right up there with bungee jumping and skydiving, neither of which have I ever done, but believe me, I know those stairs were comparable.

It was an awesome place. And I haven’t even gotten to the most awesome part. The mystery door:


Doesn’t a door like that just make you need to see what’s behind it? The possibilities are endless. It could be the lair of an eccentric inventor, or the door to Narnia, or a Saw style room (Yikes), or the home of the Fraggles. Who knows?

So, naturally, after much debate, and my friend saying that the landlord doesn’t want us in there because it’s dangerous (which is only going to make me want to go in there more, duh), we decided to go in, albeit sneakily.

And to our intense (quietly exclaimed) delight, we had just walked into a real-life freaking Room of Requirement.

Yeah, like that, except without the magical fire.

There was a little bit of everything in there. Random books, paintings, furniture, tools, you name it, this room probably had it. It was hard to contain my joy. I began (as quietly and sneaky as I could) to sift through the incredible contents of the room. It looked like a room where someone just kept storing random things so they would be out of the way, but what magnificent things! There was an encyclopedia of types of birds, and some truly awful acrylic/canvas paintings. There was an old desk, a box of yellowed postcards, random nails laying everywhere (It truly wasn’t safe to walk around in), unidentifiable broken things, and more.

I felt like Indiana Jones, poring through ancient artifacts. I was in heaven. My friend scolded me for turning on the lights, saying that someone would know were in there. I turned off the lights, not because she told me to, but because I didn’t want to have to use my suddenly acquired Indie skills (including the bullwhip, which was undoubtedly around somewhere) to lay out anyone who might try to stop me. I’m above that sort of thing.

I explored until getting to the red zone of irritating my friend. We went back to her apartment, talked about that room, HP, and a lot of other things that I’m sure got more deep and insightful as time went on, and then I went home.

But I never forgot my adventure that night, the night I stepped into the real-life Room of Requirement.


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