Writing spaces

As a writer, I have specific spaces that I like to write in. Spaces that inspire me, and at the same time make me feel comfortable. 

I use my library, most often. I have to say, there is almost nothing better than curling up on the big pouf in my library and writing. Maybe reading is better, but only because there is less “work” involved. The feel of that room is so conducive to creativity and relaxation that it blows me away. Every time I go in there, I know in my heart of hearts that the aura of the room is exactly perfect for me. However, not everyone has a library, and that’s cool, because…

There is also the outdoors. My city has a LOT of parks. We’re a park-loving place. A lot of these parks hook right up to the gigantic lake (technically 2 lakes, but I digress) Madison nestles around. A few of them even have neat (and not so neat…looking at you, Union Terrace….) piers that one can go out on. I have to say, it’s always a great day when the boyfriend and I can pack up a picnic, or our laptops, or both, and head out to one of the many fabulous parks our city has to offer; We find a nice spot, get comfy, and spend our time munching, drinking frappes, shooting ideas back and forth, and writing together. That is honestly my ideal day. 

I know that all of two people read this blog but I seem to have some followers out there, I want to know: What is your favorite spot to write or read? Why? 


2 thoughts on “Writing spaces

  1. I have a small loveseat in my bedroom with big poofy pillows. I love to curl up on that with a good book and read with my puppies snuggling me. Also, for some reason when I go on road trips, I do a massive amount of reading in the passenger seat. It’s quite odd because many people get headaches. Not me, it’s like a race to see how many pages/books I can read in the one sitting.

  2. To my intense displeasure, I get carsick when reading in a vehicle. I’ve always thought it was such a shame, because I waste so much potential reading time while being carted around.
    Recently though, I’ve been listening to storytelling podcasts which sort of makes up for it. “Welcome to Night Vale” is especially entertaining, if you’re interested enough to check it out.

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